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"Spoontula" (Roux Spoon)

"Spoontula" (Roux Spoon)

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This Hand Carved Wooden "Spoontula" is a beautiful addition to any happy kitchen. This combination spoon & spatula is ideal for stirring, scraping, and serving. Perfect for making roux and sauces. A gorgeous gift for anyone who loves to cook!

"Spoontulas" are available in Maple, Cherry, or Walnut. Approximately 12" in length.

My spoons are carved to order; no two are exactly alike. All sizes are approximate.
This listing is for one spoon.

Hand-carved in the heart of Kentucky, my spoons are made from trees sustainably harvested & locally sourced in Appalachia, finished with high-quality 100% non-toxic and organic tung oil and food-grade citrus solvent. Of course, all wood-burning is done free-hand by me as well.

This natural material will be gentle on your cookware, keeping your pots and pans in excellent condition.

How to clean wooden spoons: gently wash them by hand with soap and warm water. Please don't ever use a dishwasher to clean your happy spoons 

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